Gampy, Daisy, and Donald

Gampy, Daisy, and Donald

Monday, February 13, 2012

Made my Day!

I have been given the Kreative Blogger Award by Tank –and I thank you so much for this wonderful award!

As Tank said along with this honor comes some responsibility…I have to answer the 10 questions below and share 10 random thoughts and/or facts about myself before passing it on to 10 other blogs. So here it goes:
Question/answer section

1. Name your favorite activity.  Golf. After that is golf, followed by more golf. OK, it’s really spending time with my family, especially Payton!

2. Name your favorite treat.  Men humans aren’t any different than pugs….it’s BACON OF COURSE!!!!

3. What ticks you off?    People who think I’m a dog – clearly I’m human with two legs and way less of a fuzz covering!

4. When you’re upset, what do you do?     Golf, after that I golf and then I…..well you get the idea!

5. What makes you indescribably happy?   When Payton’s smiles and jumps all over me being a happy Pug!

6. What do you do when you are excited?   Pray I don’t have a heart attack!  (Hank, can I say that?)

7. What is your biggest fear?   Not being able to play golf!

8. Describe your everyday attitude.    Easy going, positive.

9. Name your favorite toy.    My putter…Hank, where are you when I need you!

10. Name your favorite place to sleep or nap.     My California King bed!

Random Facts / Thoughts Section

1. I loved diving and swimming in Bedford’s limestone quarries as a kid!
2. I once spent a week in a cave over a thousand feet below the surface.
3. I have set foot in all but two countries of the world (the names have been changed to protect the innocent!).
4. I have an ambition to speak French and learn to play the piano.
5. My favorite car was a 1966 SS396.
6. I love fine wine and the Candy Kitchen’s BLT!
7. I once BBQ’d on my apartment’s patio in 80 degree weather and had a snowball fight an hour later on Mount Rainer.
8. I have “korned” a State Trooper and lived to tell about it!
9. I once considered professional bowling and I have run marathons in Texas.
10. I truly love being allowed to be a part of this community!

I must now select 10 wonderful bloggers deserving of this award and my problem is there are so many more than 10!  I'm going to number all of them and then pick the numbers out of a hat!

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  1. That was wonderful Grampy! I really enjoyed reading everything about you and agree that Bacon is the number one food choice (Mum and Dad love it with maple syrup!) I love reading your blog, memories are so delightful to share and I especially like to hear about Payton as a puppy and Isabellea! Life truly is a big ol' bowl of cherrys! I'm glad you appreciated the award, you really deserve it! Lots of love, licks and hugs ... do you humans like tummy rubs?? From your friend Frank the Tank x x x x x

  2. It was great learning a little bit about Payton's Grampy! We'd love you to be our Grampy as we don't have any. We only have 1 Grandma and she can't love us puggies much....

    You are the best! (and not because bacon is your fav food!)

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Gampy, buddy....of COURSE you should pray yer not havin' a heart attack!!! I thought was havin' the big one a while back (pitcher Fred Sanford): "OHHHHH! O'Mally! I'm comin' tuh see ya!!!"

    Golf ain't my thing. I got kicked outta a country club once fer peein' on the green.

  4. Happy Happy Valentine's Day!
    We LOVE you!

    Melissa and Archie

  5. Hey, bud....happy anniversary!

  6. Loved reading that! The caves? Yes. The limestone quarries in Bedford? No way in hell was I getting in those, they terrified me. Tucker wants me to point out that your answer to question number 3 might not clear you. He also has very little fur covering but is still a dog, he's going to need more proof.

    I also came by to wish you both a wonderful anniversary today with many more to come!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  7. Hi Gampy
    Your probly wondering what has taken me so long to come see you, but I finally made it.
    Congratulations on your cool award! WOWEE.
    And I thank you for sharing it with me and so many others.
    I have received this award awhile ago- but I thank you so much for thinking of me.
    I loved all your answers. I love learning more about my Gampy

  8. Hi Gampy! I wanted to say congrats on your award, too! Haven't seen you around posting for a bit now and just wanted to stop by to say hi! Hi! :)