Gampy, Daisy, and Donald

Gampy, Daisy, and Donald

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Price of Life

I'm at an age now where Obituaries are part of the must read sections of the paper, along with Sports, the Front Page, and Local News.  Sometimes it seems like the ages of those who passed are speeding towards me like a Japanese high-speed train.  The only "hero" I had growing up still alive is Arnold Palmer and he's in his 80's.  Both my parents passed away years ago, my close friends' parents are passing, even my best friend's wife recently died of Cancer.  We are caring for my child bride's mother, but she is clearly in failing health and now in a nursing home/rehab center longing for an end to it all.  So I'm realizing that death will be the final milestone to my life and it can't be avoided.  : )

Of course most people know that before they hit 30, but then I've always been a slow learner!

Religions handle this ultimate scenario with peace and dignity and as a Christian I'm not dreading my passing but I'm certainly not rushing to meet my Maker either.  Still, the plain truth is that time points to it coming sooner rather than later (I'm 64, not 14).  Such thoughts lead to the fact that Death is truly the price you pay for being alive.  Given its the "ultimate" price, shouldn't you lead the "ultimate" life?  I think just about everyone would say yes to that, but then they would say it's all so complicated.  I wouldn't disagree with that, there are families to raise, social interactions, demands of work, you name it.  Lots of reasons to hop into that rut called getting to the next day, meeting all the obligations and demands of living your life.  So let me leave you with this thought, don't run from those obligations but  each day do one thing that makes you or someone you love happy.  Do that and when that final milestone in life occurs, you'll have every reason to have that smile on your face.

And if you really want to be happy about it all and truly enrich your life, rescue at least one dog (a Pug if you're really smart!) before you go.

God Bless you all.