Gampy, Daisy, and Donald

Gampy, Daisy, and Donald

Monday, January 5, 2015

Greta Rose

As you all know I enjoy using Pugs & Kisses photos and sayings here on my blog because they do such a great job of capturing what I'm thinking.  Greta Rose was most often my choice because she displayed such a zest for living, she reminded me a lot of my BFF Hank here in Blogville.  Sadly she is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge now but she went with typical class as you can see below.  I know you will take charge up there Greta Rose, please say hello to Payton, Izzy, Huey and Tricks for me.  I will miss you.  Prayers to the Pugs & Kisses family.

Love, Gampy


  1. I just hung my Pugs and Kisses Calendar up at my desk today. So sorry to hear Gretta Rose has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I bet our Greta was there to greet her too.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  2. Gampy what a beautiful post about Gretta Rose. Your right,, she had a zest for life, and enjoyed living.
    We will miss her too,, and we have a feeling that right now the angels are getting kissys,,, and Gretta Rose is saying hello to everyone over the rainbow.

  3. Gretta Rose will definitely add some pizazz and spice to rainbow bridge, she was one beautiful lady!! I askeded Santa the others day if he thought dogs should live just as long as humans to be a 100 years old, and that ole guy toles me, "why gussie they long as your humans heart is beating.....they always live on." Angus McConnell

  4. She was loved and will be missed by so many ...